How to Create an Outdoor Living Space for Fall

It’s Time to Prepare for Fall

As the days get shorter and the morning and evening air starts to feel a little bit crisp, thinking of being outside again starts to become more of a reality. We love to be outside and so creating a comfortable outdoor living space to enjoy is a priority.

Regardless of your space it is possible to come up with creative ways to enjoy the season outside.

Step 1: Start Somewhere

Think about a location that would be the most convenient to create an outdoor living space. It could be a patio, porch, covered porch, just outside in the grass.

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Step 2: Test out Ideas

Test it out. Start with what you have and see what is the most practical before investing into your space. For a dining space, use folding tables & a sheet as a tablecloth, folding chairs, or bring indoor chairs temporarily outside. If you have multiple locations that are a possibility, look at sun vs shade at various times of the day. Make sure the location you have chosen for your outdoor living space is comfortable and practical during the times you will be using it in various seasons.

To create a fire area, buy an inexpensive container fire-pit or choose one that is movable so you can design your space around it. You can also find one on Facebook MarketPlace and Craigslist for inexpensive ones for sale in your area and then you can resell it there as well. Think about what types of seating will be comfortable. If you want to be able to have food and drinks, think about tables or stools to place it on. If you’d like to be able to play games outside, incorporate that into your space.

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Step 3: Get Inspired

Look on apps and websites such as Pinterest and Houzz to get inspiration and creative ideas from others. Search Outdoor Living Space, Outdoor Fireplace, Outdoor Dining, or any other elements you want to see in your space. Dream big and pin things you love but also look for photos that mimic what your space and budget will allow as well.

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Step 4: Use Your Space

Use the outdoor living space you have created and think about what works and what doesn’t and what you’d like to change over time. Create a plan and implement it in stages. Landscaping, Gardening, and Outdoor Living Space Renovations and Improvements take time to develop, fill in, and grow unlike indoor ones. Even once the Hardscapes gets is in, the landscaping, grass, plants etc take time to grow and develop so work slowly at it over time and enjoy it as you go. This really gives you a great opportunity to change your plans and pivot as you go as you see how you use the space and what additional wants you have.

Step 5: Implement Your Plan and Make Changes as Needed

This backyard living and dining area came together after 8 months of work. Click here for more on Creating Outdoor Living Spaces.

Once you have tested out some of your ideas, add your hardscaping first, then layer with your landscaping and outdoor furnishings. Hardscaping includes patios, pergolas, permanent stone fireplaces and fire pits, concrete landscaping edging. Outdoor furnishings and landscaping will change over time and as the seasons change but your hardscaping is the permanent part of your landscaping. Bring in some fun fall touches such as mums, plaid blankets to stay warm, and pumpkins for your space. Most of all be patient. Whether you are doing the work yourself or hiring professionals, these plans will develop over time. Don’t forget to take before and after pictures at each step so you can look back and see how far you have come.

Finally, if you are ready to take the leap and build the outdoor patio, fireplace, or firepit of your dreams and are located in the South Metro Atlanta Area, Contact us. We will come out and discuss your options and provide a Free Quote. We would love to work with you to start creating the outdoor living space of your dreams or put the cherry on top of what you already have with an outdoor fireplace!