The Key to a Low Maintenance Landscape

Custom landscape curbing is the key to a low maintenance landscape
Custom Concrete Landscape Curbing

Have you dreamed of having a low maintenance landscape? Are you frustrated with the grass creep into your mulch and flower beds? Are you sick and tired of weed eating between them? Have you ever worried if metal edging is safe for kids? Are you constantly frustrated with cleaning up and replacing the mulch and rocks that wash out?

If you answered YES to any of these problems, then Concrete Landscape Curbing is your SOLUTION to a LOW MAINTENANCE LANDSCAPE!

What is Concrete Landscape Curbing?

Moroccan Stone Concrete Landscape Curbing
Moroccan Stone Concrete Landscape Curbing

Concrete landscape curbing is a continuous custom concrete border extruded from a landscape curbing machine. It creates an extremely durable and permanent border between your flower beds and your lawn.

Why are the Benefits of Concrete Landscape Curbing?

Below are just a few reasons to consider having custom concrete landscape borders installed in your landscape:

• Nothing else looks as neat and attractive
• Natural appearance
Low maintenance
• Created with the most advanced materials
• Installed with the latest techniques and technology
• Makes your landscaping really pop
• Adds value and prestige to your property
• Durable, Permanent and Clean
• Mold and mildew resistant finish
• Custom range of colors and patterns

Learn more about Concrete Landscape Curbing here.

How do custom concrete landscape borders make my landscape low maintenance?

  • Once you install your mulch or straw it stays put behind your concrete landscape edging so it won’t wash away when it rains
  • The grass won’t creep up and into your beds (just use a plastic line trimmer and go along the edge and you’re done)
  • You only need to have the edging sealed every 12 to 18 months to protect the color and finish of your edging
  • Concrete edging won’t move and shift like landscape blocks and won’t get bent like metal edging

Do you agree? Custom landscape edging is the perfect reliable permanent solution to all these problems and is available in many colors, shapes and patterns.  Want to see more examples?  Head over to our Gallery to see more.